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Large property of a homeowner in Bryan receiving weed control treatment from a Greener LawnScapes team member.

Weed Control Services In College Station, Bryan, TX, and the Brazos Valley Area

Broadleaf, nutgrass, and crabgrass are a few examples of the weeds that our weed control treatments will kill. Services include pre-emergent and post-emergent applications.

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Weed control treatment services are part of the complete lawn care package offered for College Station and Bryan, TX.

Our weed control services are available for both homeowners and business owners.

At Greener LawnScapes, we invest our time in effective lawn care for your home or business. This goes far beyond basic fertilization, which is only part of the battle when it comes to making sure your grass stays healthy and green. Without a regular treatment plan, weeds can become established on your property and become difficult to kill.

If you are a resident or business owner in College Station, Bryan, or the Brazos Valley area, you can take advantage of our companies expert lawn care programs with proper weed control applications.

Weed control treatment services are one of the four components offered in our complete lawn care package, which includes a set of seven applications of weed control, lawn fertilization, fungus & disease control, and insect control.

When are weed control treatments applied?

Our complete lawn care package tackles your weed problems during your first and seventh treatments. By using a pre-emergent herbicide, we stop weeds at the root level and keep them from popping through the surface.

Although treating your lawn for weeds using a pre-emergent formula provides the best control for prevention, sometimes the weeds already exist. In these cases, we use a post-emergent weed treatment that will take care of existing weeds on an as-needed basis.

Owner Daniel Sherrod personally applying a weed control application for a homeowner in College Station.

Common weeds found in College Station, TX and surrounding areas.

Spotting weeds can be easy, but determining which types of weeds are on your property can be trickier. There are hundreds of types of weeds across the country. When it comes to broadleaf weeds that can be found in and around College Station, TX, you can be sure to find both annual and perennial varieties.

Annual weeds live for one growing season then produce seeds and die. These seeds can remain in your soil for years and will germinate when conditions are favorable. They are best treated by pre-emergent applications. The foliage of perennial weeds will die back to the ground each year while the roots remain alive but dormant below ground. Once favorable environmental conditions return the foliage will regrow. These weeds grow and spread either by underground rhizomes or roots, are much more invasive, and usually require a post-emergent application.

How Weeds Affect Your Lawn

Weeds are invasive and can take over a healthy lawn rapidly. Weeds impact your property negatively by:

  • Overtaking your grass
  • Consuming water, nutrients, and sunlight meant for plants and grasses
  • Becoming established on bare ground in your yard
  • Leaving lawns aesthetically unattractive

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Schedule a free estimate with us today by calling (979) 705-9545. We are a locally owned and operated lawn care service company, which gives us intimate knowledge of how to care for lawns in the Brazos Valley area, including the communities of College Station and Bryan. We provide our weed control services to both homeowners and commercial properties.

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