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Homeowner located in College Station that is receiving fertilization, fungus and disease control, insect control, and weed control from Greener LawnScapes.

Lawn Care Services In College Station, Bryan, TX, and the Brazos Valley Area

Our company's lawn care services grow greener, thicker, and healthier lawns through fertilization applications, weed control treatments, disease control, and lawn insect control in the Brazos Valley.

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Homeowners in College Station, TX with a lush lawn that has benefited from fertilization services.


Our scheduled fertilization treatments feed your lawn with the proper nutrients needed from a locally formulated fertilizer made for our area.

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Greener LawnScapes team member performing a scheduled weed control treatment for a homeowner in Bryan, TX.

Weed Control

By taking advantage of our weed control services, the progress of weeds, like nutgrass and other common weeds, can be stopped at the root level.

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Front yard of a Brazos Valley, TX homeowner that is suffering from grubs, which are a common lawn pest for the region.

Insect Control

Chinch bugs, grubs, fire ants, fleas, and ticks are some of the common pests that we can keep from infesting your lawn and causing damage to your grass and other plants.

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Bryan, TX yard in need of fungus and disease control services.

Fungus & Disease Control

Keep your lawn healthy, green, and free of diseases like Brown Patch and Leaf Spot with our fungus and disease control that prevents these from destroying your lawn.

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Mosquito that has gorged itself on the blood of a Brazos Valley resident.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases like Zika Virus, which is why we offer services that help to keep their population down on your property.

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A cluster of fire ants at a Brazos Valley, TX home.

Fire Ant Control

Our pest control experts provide yearly fire ant control treatments in the spring and fall to help reduce the presence of these troublesome and painful pests.

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A close up photo of a tick on a leaf near Bryan, TX.

Flea & Tick Control

Our flea and tick control services help keep your home or business property free of fleas and ticks that can cause dangerous illnesses and diseases.

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Grub worms infesting a College Station, TX lawn's soil.

Grub Control

We perform preventative grub control treatments in early summer to keep lawn grub pests from damaging your property's lawn and soil.

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A College Station, TX property with trees decorated for the holiday season.

Holiday Lighting

Hire our professionals to install, remove, and store LED holiday lighting for your home or business to get a festive touch for the holiday season.

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Four story brick building in Bryan with property receiving lawn care services from Greener LawnScapes.
Bryan office building with lawn that's receiving fertilization treatments.

Our lawn care services are also available for commercial grounds!

Businesses and commercial property owners in need of lawn and grass fertilization, weed control, insect control, as well as fungus and disease control can contact our company. Our treatments will make your grounds healthier, greener, and free of infestations from chinch bugs, grubs, fire ants, and other common pests.

Call us at (979) 705-9545 for a free consultation and estimate.

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About Greener LawnScapes

The Sherrod Family, owners of Greener LawnScapes.

Daniel Sherrod has been in the lawn and landscape industry for ten years. He started his own lawn business in 2009 with a small trailer and a few pieces of mowing equipment (some borrowed) after working several years in the residential building industry. Growing up in the Brazos Valley on a farm near Caldwell (Royalty Pecan Farm), he learned hard work and appreciation for growing things. Landscape work is hot and hard and, yes, often a grind. Yet he truly loves making landscapes beautiful in the community he grew up in. That love of green healthy landscapes, combined with his years of experience is his motivation for offering turf maintenance services. Nothing is more satisfying to a homeowner than a beautiful lush lawn. Which is just the kind of lawn care our company, Greener LawnScapes loves to deliver!

We offer a variety of lawn care services that focus on the health of your lawn, such as fertilization, weed control, chinch bug control, brown patch control, and much more. Daniel also has his commercial pesticide applicators license, #0619758 and is a Certified Professional Turf Manager (CPTM) with the Texas Turfgrass Association.

Are you ready to receive the best lawn care services that the College Station/Bryan area has to offer? If so, just call (979) 705-9545 or complete the online form.

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