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One of the properties that Greener LawnScapes provides their full package of services, which includes fertilization, fungus and disease control, insect control, and weed control.

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Why You Need to Keep Mosquitoes out of Your Yard

Why You Need to Keep Mosquitoes out of Your Yard

Mosquitoes are among the most troublesome of pests. They bite, it stings, and then you are left with an itchy bump on your body—but that’s just the beginning. From there, your mind may wander to concerns about diseases and illnesses, and for good reason! Mosquitoes can carry a number of dangerous illnesses that lead to serious symptoms in humans and pets. There are a number of reasons why you need to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, but health and safety are chief among them. Mosquito Bites Can Lead to Serious Illnesses, Including Zika, West Nile Virus, & Encephalitis ...
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